Creating Your PARK(ing) Space

Step 1: DESIGN
The basic formula for an awesome PARK(ing) Day is simple: Sod + Bench + Tree = FUN. But for many people, this is just the beginning. Check out these great examples from years past and let your imagination run wild!

Step 2: MAP IT
Once you have a concept, add your space to the PARK(ing) Day 2010 Map. That’s all you have to do to participate! No registration necessary. This will also ensure people know where to find you.

Reach into your pocket, pull out a quarter, plug the meter, set up your PARK(ing) space (by 11 am if you can), and relax… before you know it, curious pedestrians will be pumping the meter for you!

Step 4: ENJOY
You’re participating in a one-of-a-kind global event. Awesome! Now sit back and enjoy a cold lemonade, good conversation, and great company in your newly created PARK(ing) space.